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Pretty Much The Most Amazing Lego Creation I've Ever Seen
Previous | Next by ben 22 May, 2014 - 11:47 AM

Cyberpunk Lego Town is almost definitely the greatest thing made of plastic bricks ever.

BTW, I'm kind of amazed how well Lego has blown up in recent years... from video games and cartoons to an entire movie now, they're basically taking the GI Joe economic model and running to the bank with it.

5/23/2014 >> found_drama


6/16/2014 >> rich

Actually, I just went through a "Lego" store the other day and I was rather disappointed. There are all of these themed sets now, to make fantastic things. However, you had to go to one little neglected shelf in the corner to find the "generic" bucket of bricks and grass and road tiles that I used to love so much. Lego now days seems to have focused on the sale of sets with instructions over building blocks for creativity.
I credit Legos Racing Destruction Set and later Star Craft, for crafting my mind the way it is built now a days.

Racing Destruction Set on the You Tubes!

9/24/2014 >> ben

That was my point though - they've gone from "that awesome thing that us nerdy kids played with" to, well, pop cultural icon status, first with Harry Potter & Star Wars, then Batman (where they weren't really Legos at all anymore) and now their own movie.

They've pivoted their business amazingly. I'm not applying a judgement to it, other than to say "wow, so that worked for you"

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