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potato buds
Previous | Next by ben 26 March, 2014 - 6:20 AM

Mundanity abounds, fair warning.

Full disclosure: the events in this story start many years ago, so I could completely be making them up, but here's how I remember them. Pie first told me about instant mashed potatoes, and how useful she found them. So I ran out and bought a box of Potato Buds... and promptly forgot about about them.

Then I moved to San Diego, and I moved everything with me, including this box of potato buds. I put them up on a shelf... and promptly forgot about them. I've moved 3 more times since then, every time, this box of dried spud flakes following me around, unopened, unused. Until today! I had some extremely thin stew and I've thrown in some of these flakes to see what happens... I'll update you after lunch with results.

What about you, community? have you used anything like this, or stuck with regular powdered starches (as I have, before now)?

3/26/2014 >> rich

Potato buds arnt for Thanksgiving dinner, but they are fine for a week night dinner.

4/6/2014 >> muhgcee

I haven't used them, but I am glad that you have a friend, even if they are a box of potatoes, buddy.

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